Endocrine Self-Assessment In-Training Exam (ESAP™-ITE)
    Sponsored by APDEM and Endocrine Society

ESAP-ITE is a 60-question self-assessment tool designed for clinical endocrinology fellows in their second and third years of training. Learn more about ESAP-ITE here.

Program Directors and Coordinators: Thank you for registering your fellows! Proctoring is now closed and results will be sent in Mid-May.

Results will be available in Mid-May. All program directors and coordinators will be emailed to notify you when reports are available. Designated program directors and coordinators should login to the site using their email and password to view your program's reports. Please click 'login' in the upper right corner of the site.
Key Dates:
  • Exam results will be released to program directors and program coordinators mid-May
  • Exam results will be released to fellows at the end of May
If you have any questions, visit our Post Exam FAQs or call us at 202-971-3646 (toll-free 1-888-363-6762), or send an email to societyservices@endocrine.org.
What other resources are available to my program and my fellows?

ESAP-ITE 2014 includes 60 of the 120 questions featured in ESAP 2014, which will be available in June 2014. ESAP 2013, ESAP 2012 and ESAP 2011 are available now and provide a comprehensive coverage of all topics in endocrinology.  

Complimenting ESAP and ESAP-ITE with a board review program, as are offered by The Endocrine Society, will provide an excellent core of knowledge to obtain certification.

The Society practice improvement modules (PIMs) also serve as an excellent assessment tool for fellowship programs, allowing you to assess your program's performance in specific practice areas. Special rates are available for this structured group activity.