Exam Prep (Part 3 - Cognitive Expertise)

The Endocrine Society holds Endocrine Board Review (EBR) and Pediatric Endocrine Board Review (PEBR) courses in the fall before a scheduled exam. Each course is designed as a comprehensive and focused mock exam, closely following the American Board of Internal Medicine (ABIM) and American Board of Pediatrics (ABP) exam blueprints, respectively. 

 Endocrine Board Review Online is an interactive online mock exam, with recorded presentations from the Endocrine Board  Review course combined with live polling for each question. Purchase of the EBR Online includes the print version of Endocrine  Board Review, for offline review and additional CME.

  EBR Online is available at www.endocrine.org/store.



The Endocrine Board Review book contains the questions and answers from the EBR course in an easy-to-reference print format. The book is updated each year with a new edition, reflecting the content of each year's course. The latest edition is included with all purchases of the Endocrine Board Review Online, and is also available for purchase separately.
Endocrine Board Review is available at www.endocrine.org/store.